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Nichole Rose

Claiming Caroline

Claiming Caroline

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Even Prince Charming has a wicked side…


I didn't believe in love until I met a princess at a ball.
And then she vanished.
Imagine my surprise when she shows up in my office a day later.
She's beautiful, fierce, and has the courage of a lion.
She's also a student at my college…and her sister is my star student.
Claiming Caroline Thorne may destroy everything I've worked for.
Letting her go will destroy me.
Some risks are worth taking.
She's one of them.

Jared Kingston made me believe in magic.
And then the clock struck midnight.
Imagine my surprise when I find out my handsome prince is my sister's despot professor.
The one I came to confront.
He's charming, intelligent, and the Daddy I've been dreaming about.
Being with me could ruin his career…and break my sister's heart.
Telling him no might shatter mine.
Some risks are worth taking.
But how can he be one of them when it might end in disaster?

When this autocratic professor meets his curvy princess at a masquerade ball, he finds his future. And then she disappears. If you think he's willing to give up that easy, you clearly haven't read an NR title before. If instalove, sassy princesses, and over-the-top professors make you happy, get ready to fall for Jared and Caroline in this sweet, steamy romance. As always, a sticky sweet and guaranteed HEA is coming your way. No cheating.

Available in paperback and ebook format. All paperbacks are signed by Nichole and include swag.

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