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Nichole Rose

Hold You

Hold You

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This giant Russian will fall like a ton of bricks when he meets his curvy angel.

Lauren York is the cutest little angel I've ever met.
Her sweetness is like nothing I've ever known.
And her innocence drives me crazy.
I know nothing of caring for such a girl.
I probably shouldn't have kissed her five minutes after I met her.
I definitely should not be chasing her all over the office.
But that won't stop me.
This little angel is 
mine. And I'm not giving up until she agrees.

Knox Mikhail is a giant Russian bully.
He's also hotter than Hades, bossy, and growly.
I didn't mean to kiss him five minutes after I met him.
Or kick him in the shin right after that.
Now he says I belong to him.
Why does that sound so good?!
Oh, man. I'm in so much trouble here.

Available in ebook and paperback formats. All paperbacks come signed by Nichole and include swag.

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