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Nichole Rose



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He was never supposed to claim the Capo's baby sister. Now, he'll defy everyone to keep her.


People call me cold and heartless.
But one thing they never question is my loyalty.
I do whatever I have to do to protect the Valentino family.
That's all that matters to me.
Until the day I discover the daughter their father hid from them and claim her as my own.
I don't tell her brothers. I don't tell anyone.
My loyalty is to her and her alone.
But she's keeping secrets that threaten to tear my world apart.
And if I can't gain her trust, they're going to destroy everything. Including us.
I'll rip this city apart before I allow that to happen.
I'm not losing her.

My father didn't want me. He threw me out before I was ever born.
So I've spent my life watching my brothers from afar.
But when my mother's life hangs in the balance, I go to them for help.
One of their enemies finds me instead.
To get my mother back, he expects the ultimate betrayal.
This world is kill or be killed.
Until Mattia sweeps in and changes everything.
I swore I wouldn't fall for the dangerous man who forced me into marriage.
But it's impossible to stand firm when his hands are on me.
Right up until the truth comes out and destroys everything, anyway.
If I'm his world…why do I feel like a pawn?
And if he's the villain, why can't I let him go?

Irreplaceable is a steamy age-gap mafia romance featuring a morally gray hero and a plus-size heroine. It can be read as a standalone story. This book includes scenes and subject matter that may not be suitable for all readers.


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