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Nichole Rose



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Run, rabbit, run. He's coming for you...

Distrusted by his allies and seeking redemption, Diego Butera's world is at risk of unraveling when Special Agent Athena White gets dangerously close, leading to a complex and irresistible connection between them. But the curvy federal agent didn't count on just how far Diego was willing to go to keep his secrets. Now, she's in his sights, and he'll do whatever it takes to tie her to him. Even if it means destroying any hope she has of a future without him.


Illicit Love Series
Before they fell head-over-heels, the Valentino brothers ruled Chicago with iron wills and closed fists. Now, the men in their inner circle are taking the reins and taking the plunge into their own deliciously wicked happily-ever-afters. The streets of Chicago will run red as these bad boys set out to tame the curvy women fate has in store for them. And they'll take no prisoners along the way.

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