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Nichole Rose

Madly Yours

Madly Yours

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He's hot, bossy…and loves to snuggle?? How did hiring a bodyguard turn into the craziest adventure of this curvy girl's life?

Zion Carmichael

Guarding a social media model was not on my agenda.
Then again, neither was losing half my hearing in a bomb blast five years ago.
Fate has a way of doing what it wants in my life. I just roll with the punches.
But I did not expect it to hit me right in the heart with a fiery little influencer hellbent on turning my whole life upside down.
I'm supposed to be the level-headed brother, not the one who schemes his way into a woman's bed and flat-out refuses to leave it again.
But here we are anyway…with Makenzie Baird looking way too good in nothing but a smile and my shirt for me to start complaining now.
She thinks she can resist me.
I'm about to prove her wrong.
This little model is going down.
And I intend to ride her the whole way.

Kenzie Baird
Becoming Insta-famous wasn't on my bingo card this year.
Then again, neither was anything else that happened.
Like watching my best friend fall in love on social media.
Or being threatened by a former coworker.
Or hiring the hottest bodyguard known to womankind.
But here we are anyway.
Now, Zion Carmichael is breathing down my neck at every turn, telling me what to do.
And I am so unprepared to play house with the bossy giant.
Especially since his version of guarding me seems to require one bed...and a whole lot of snuggling.
I'm supposed to be forging my own destiny and making my own rules, but when he's growling at me, his rules sound a little 
too good.
Help. Me.
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