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Nichole Rose

Ultimate Series Bundle Vol. I

Ultimate Series Bundle Vol. I

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He's the beautiful man who performs in front of crowds.

I'm the shy girl who hides behind them.

He's probably been with a thousand women. I've never even been kissed.

My parents would lose their minds if I showed up in photos with him. They're strict, tough on me. But their rules helped keep me focused on my goals when most other girls my age were out partying and drinking.

"I can't go with you," I whisper, taking a regretful step away from Saint. "I have class."

"I'll get you to class, baby girl," he promises, his voice a velvety purr that does things to my insides it shouldn't be doing. His thumb drifts along my knuckles again. "But not yet."

"Saint, really." I tug on my arm, trying to get free before I really do end up plastered all over the internet beside him. The last thing I need is for anyone to think we're dating. Convincing my parents to let me go to college in California was hard enough. "I can't be late to class."

"You may have seen the men who kidnapped my sister," he says, his voice firm. "You're coming with me, Everleigh."

"Kidnapped?" I blink wide eyes at him, startled. "I thought you said you thought she was fine."

"I lied," he growls, nudging me to get me moving. "Didn't want to scare you."

My heart starts racing when I look at the crowd outside of my dorm. His sister might have been kidnapped from this very campus, but it's the crowd that scares me. There are maybe two dozen of my classmates now lurking around, smartphones in hand.

I can hear them whispering, wondering what I'm doing with him. A couple of the girls give me dirty looks, as if I'm doing something wrong. As if holding his hand was my plan.

I'm not sure if they're jealous or if they're mad that I'm holding hands with the man who almost killed Savannah. Everyone here loves her. She's so kind to everyone. Even though her roommate, Miriam, is kind of a spoiled brat, Savannah never has a bad word to say about her.

Part of me wants to tell them I'm not willingly holding his hand, but I don't. Even if he is bossy and rude, the last thing he needs is more bad press. Savannah is one of the few people in the world I find it easy to talk to. It would break her heart to hear people saying bad things about him again. But I'm honest enough to know that's not the only reason I don't say anything.

The fact is…I don't want people to say bad things about him, either. He's been through enough already. If I can protect him from that, I think I have to do it.

My parents will understand if I explain it to them, right?

Doubtful. But I let him lead me toward the crowd anyway in complete silence. My tongue feels cloven to the roof of my mouth. Even though these people are my classmates, I'm nervous to face them. People are a lot more intimidating in groups than they are individually.

The crowd surges forward, pressing in around us. Two dozen people start talking all at once, shouting questions at him, asking for his autograph, wondering why he's here. It's a wall of noise, aimed right at us. Saint's grip on my hand tightens, and he doesn't respond to anyone.

For a minute, I think maybe he's as nervous as I am, but then I shake the thought off. He's performed for crowds big enough to make this one seem like nothing. There's no way he's nervous about a crowd this size.

"Move, please," he growls, barely giving them time to move out of the way before he shoulders his way through them.

"Rude," someone mutters.

"Sorry," I whisper, though I don't think anyone hears me over the dull roar. I purposefully elbow Saint in the ribs, gaining his attention. "Stop being rude to people. It's not nice."

"I don't give a fuck about being nice," he says, putting his mouth right up against my ear. His warm breath hits me just right, and I fight not to shiver, but it's a losing battle. As soon as he notices it, something predatory flashes in his eyes and dances across his wicked lips. "But don't worry, baby girl. Once I get you in my bed, I plan to be real nice to you."

Oh, jeez.

This is not happening. It's not.

Except…it is.

My parents are going to kill me.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "A stunningly, beautifully told story about redemption, forgiveness, and an all-encompassing love." -Jamie, Reviewer

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